PRIVATE TRAINING | Filler & Botox 1-on-1

ADVANCED PRIVATE TRAINING is a course that is created just for you. Our trainer will teach you everything you need to create youthful and structured facial proportions for your patient.

Your cosmetic injectable journey with us will include a blended learning experience; e-learning and face-to-face training. Your online e-learning dashboard includes theoretical knowledge [including lots of videos of techniques and procedures].

Study Core subjects include:

Module One: A guide to Facial Rejuvenation and Skin Ageing
Module Two: Anatomy of the face and muscles.
Module Three: Client consultation and record keeping
Module Four: Treatment planning
Module Five: Neurotoxin - The Basics
Module Six: Dermal Filler - The Basics
Module Seven: Advertising and legalities
    •    TGA
    •    Advertising
    •    Storage of drugs
    •    Supply of drugs
Module Eight: This content is designed by you. Choose three areas of study from extensive botulinum and dermal filler applications, including:

    •    Lip Enhancement
    •    Chin enhancement
    •    Cheekbone enhancement
    •    Anterior cheek
    •    Lateral cheek
    •    Marionettes
    •    Nasolabial fold
    •    Jawline
    •    Tear Trough
    •    Temple
    •    Nose
    •    Skinboosters

You will treat 2-3 patients on the day to really master the technqiues!

14 Modules

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Modules for this course 14
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