LEVEL A | Botulinum Toxin: Cosmetic & Functional Use

Welcome to the Dermal Distinction Training Academy!

Cosmetic and functional Botulinum Toxin will teach you everything you need to treat the face and neck using neurotoxin predictably. The course is based around:

  • Scientifically validated information
  • High quality images and videos

After the course – Continued mentoring with COACHING sessions available once a month, so that you can maintain COMPETENCY and RECENCY of practice with APHRA after your training session.

Your cosmetic injectable journey with us will include a blended learning experience; e-learning and face-to-face training. Your online e-learning dashboard includes theoretical knowledge, including videos of techniques and procedures. There is also a short multiple choice quiz at the end of each section to test your knowledge.

This course is for Beginners and more experienced injectors, as it covers techniques that are not always included in training!

Face to face training is the available every month! Choose the date that suits you! 💉💋

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The modules

Module One: A guide to Facial Rejuvenation and Skin Ageing

Module Two: Client consultation and record keeping

Module Three: Anatomy

Module Four: Treatment planning

Module Five: Neurotoxin - The Basics

Module Six: Neurotoxin - The Techniques

   💎  Frown   💎  Forehead   💎  Crow's feet   💎  Brow Lift   💎  Gummy Smile   💎  Bunny Lines   💎  Jowl Lift   💎  Smoker's lines   💎  Cobblestone Chin   💎  Masseter (Face slimming and grinding)   💎  Temporalis   💎  Nefertiti Lift   💎  

Module Seven: Advertising and legalities

   💎  TGA   💎  Advertising   💎  Storage of drugs   💎  Supply of drugs   💎  

Module Eight: e-Learning Assessment and Certificate.

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