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So you are a New dental assistant and need to get up-to-speed fast?

The Dermal Distinction Training Academy has developed and put together a brilliant Dental Assistant Onboarding course to help guide you and understand what is expected of you as a dental assistant.

dental onboarding

This course will help you and your dental practice work together as a team faster than ever. The course is guided to introducing you to the basics, so that you can concentrate on improving your hands on skills sooner.


What is included in our 4-week guided course:

Policies and procedures:  Understand what is expected of you as a dental assistant, privacy issues, confidentiality, staffing policies, practice policies and more ++. Many of these policies will cover the HR and worksafe requirements for the dental practice.

Infection control:  Learn about sterilisation, disinfection and the categories of cleaning and instruments. Watch videos and access ADA guidelines on how to determine how to process instruments, and handle them once sterilised from the surgery all the way through to the autoclave and back again.

Dental Instruments:  e-manual of dental instruments so that you can work chairside sooner, along with video of instruments to help you recognise what each instrument is used for.

Delivering instructions to patients: Whitening instructions, oral hygiene instructions and orthodontic aligners instructions. This module will help you be involved in patient care, to bring you up to speed with patient treatment and delivery of important information.

Dental procedures: Learn about dental procedures and what they do. Processing digital xrays, mixing alginate, how to pass instruments and more ++

Dental Charting:  Discover tooth anatomy, mouth anatomy, and parts of the tooth. Watch videos, practice charting and understand the terminology.

dental assistant

The sterilisation room: Focus on daily tasks needed to run the sterilisation room in your practice, including disinfector/washers, sterilisation pouches, tracking, autoclave function and handpiece oiling processes, and more.

The dental lab: How to pour models, sterilisation in the lab and how to disinfect moulds/impressions. Learn how to make whitening guards.

Conversations: Learning what to say to a patient is important, and this usually takes time, but we have a shortcut for you. In this module you will learn what to say when: The dentist is running late, angry patients present, asking for a referral or review, and much more ++

Checklists are provided in each section to hold you accountable to the assistant training, and make sure that you take part in the duties as you go. The checklists are designed to be provides to your employer or practice manager at the end of each section as part of the employee learning record. Access is for three months from the signup date.


Each course is very individual to your team member, using their name throughout the course for that personal feel. Feel part of our team as an assistant sooner!
As an assistant, you can move through the course alone, or you can move through with the assistance of a qualified team member. This will enable the practice to make sure you cover all the basics, without missing any steps or procedures.

dental assistant

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